The mobile HandHelp™ emergency call button

Simple operation

First install the HandHelp™ – Emergency App and connect via Bluetooth the HandHelp™ emergency button to your Smartphone / Tablet.

In a serious emergency, the police, fire brigade (rescue services) and your five confidants can be quickly and easily alerted.

Set up in three easy steps

Important notes:

  • The mobile HandHelp™ emergency call button is intended as a extension to the HandHelp™ apps.
  • Please check before commissioning whether all necessary rights have been granted to the app, otherwise a connection with the emergency call button is not possible. (GPS and Bluetooth)
  • Please check the power saving settings of your smartphone. Some devices terminate background calls on their own, which can disconnect the emergency button. If this is the case, add an exception for HandHelp™ .
  • The emergency button can be used with both the red HandHelp™ and the blue HandHelp™ – Life Care app.

1. HandHelp™ – Emergency Call Apps Installation

Install the HandHelp™ – Emergency Apps and set it up according to your needs once. NOTE: Use the iOS version from 8.0 or Android version from 4.4.

2. Connect emergency call button

Launch the HandHelp™ – Emergency Call App on your Smartphone / Tablet.
Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled and select Bluetooth devices from the menu.
Then press the emergency button once. In the middle of the emergency call head the red LED must light up 3 times. The emergency call button is now recognized. Now confirm the “pairing request” by pressing “Pair”. The emergency call button and the HandHelp™ – emergency call app are now connected and can be used.

3. Test / Alarm / Emergency call

Now test the emergency call button by pressing it briefly once only.
A test alarm is triggered to you and your trusted third parties via SMS and email.

If you press the button twice briefly, you will alert your trusted third parties and, activated in the app, the fire brigade (rescue services) of your emergency.

If you press longer than 2 seconds, you alert your confidants as well as in the app activated, the police of your emergency.

Versatile use


Use the emergency button anywhere in your area. The adhesive pad makes it easy to attach and remove. The pad is easy to wash and reuse.

Children & people in need of care

You can also set up the HandHelp™ emergency call app without the police and fire brigade and thus use the emergency call button to alert only your confidants (family, carers, etc.) very quickly in an emergency.

On the road - worldwide

Always carry the HandHelp™ emergency button with you.
In a serious emergency, without e.g. knowledge of a place or language, etc., you can now alert your helper network stored in the app at the touch of a button.

HandHelp™ – Emergency Apps

To use the emergency call button, you first need a version of the HandHelp™ – emergency call app.
All information and downloads can be found here.

HandHelp™ (Paid)

Direct emergency notification to the police*, fire brigade* / rescue services* as well as confidants at the push of a button – because in an emergency it takes seconds!

*Up-to-date for the countries: DE, AT, CH, LI

HandHelp™ – Life Care (Free)

can be used worldwide, with optional direct emergency notification to the police*, fire brigade* / rescue services* as well as confidants – because in an emergency seconds count!

* if you manually enter the e-mail or SMS of the local police and fire brigade – see under ICE 7 + 8 in the menu item “Helper”.