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<h3 style="color:white">HandHelp™  <br>  emergency call SOS app – directly, precisely, personally and clearly.</h3>

emergency call SOS app – directly, precisely, personally and clearly.

HandHelp™ – the 1. barrier free emergency call app for all emergencys that sends all needed informations directly to the control centres of the *police or *firebrigade/ *rescue services, as well as to your helper network. And all that, within seconds!

• Within few seconds & directly is the data transmission
• Exact is the detection via satellite (e.g. GPS), GSM, WLAN
• Personally and clearly is your profile for the rescue services

* by manual entry by email or SMS to police / fire (emergency services) – see ICE 7 + 8 under Button “helper”


Barrier-free emergency call – worldwide without telephone call, without voice, without location and language skills.
Especially useful for deaf, blind, aphasia, deafblind, people in need of care, migrants, tourists, etc.

Watch the video with signlanguage and subtitles:

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<h3 style="color:white">Hints for Installation</h3>

Hints for Installation

To get the best possible help in an emergency situation, please complete all informations under “SOS-Informations” and “Helper (ICE)”.

You only need once a few minutes for the complete installation.

By the way: The
completeness barometer shows you your current security level.
More help you can find in our step by step installtion videos below. (English subtitles available)



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